News & Events

Newsletter: In an effort to keep employees and their families informed on topics such as safety concerns, training issues, or current company related events Blueline produces a Newsletter. The newsletter is filled with useful articles that relate to the industry as well as inspirational, motivational, or comical articles.

Blueribbon vendors: In an effort to help promote quality and exceptional service from our vendors we have established a program we named “BlueRibbon Suppliers”. We will accept or invite only our premium suppliers to be part of this program. BlueLine is very selective in choosing the business partners for our BlueRibbon Supplier list. A brief overview of some of the long term gains we offer: Target pricing, Quality and data training, Financial support for required equipment, Invoices paid to you in “Net 15” days, we supply approved raw material, Our inspectors will travel to your facility to do on-site first article inspections, plus much more…… If you are interested in learning more please contact our purchasing department.

Events: We work hard all year long but every once in a while it’s nice to kick back and enjoy our annual parties. Below are some of the events we offer to our employees, families, and customers. We like to have fun!