About Blueline


BlueLine was first established in August of 1999 (Incorporated in October 1999). The company was started on the premise that this would be no “ordinary” machine shop. The goal was to hire the best and setup a strong foundation of key people to build the business on. If the employees are happy, they will be productive and build good parts. Not an easy task, but that is exactly what we did. It did not take long for us to create quite a buzz and get the word out. We offered something different. Our impressive benefit package, strong work ethics, uncompromised quality, and desire to actually offer a “special service” to the industry made sure when we hire people, they stayed. We are really close to our employees much like an extended family. We have picnics, parties, crawfish boils, and cook-outs for the employees and their families. The work environment is not traditional either.

We understand what it takes to get parts out the door. We purposely minimize the hands each order has to touch before it’s completed. This creates a streamlined path from start to finish. We offer a training program so each machinist can get an order done from programming, setup, operating, and even trouble shooting. This helps ensure we roll parts out the doors 24 hours a day.